Requesens Castle

The Castle over the Puig Neulós Valley into the Alberes mountains

Vine a passar un dia a Requesens

Gaudeix d'un dia a la natura repassant la història de la regió amb l'excursió des de Cantallops per la serra de l'Albera, la visita al Castell de Requesens i un àpat al restaurant La Cantina



Requesens Castle History Requesens Valley: Historical Background. Numerous dolmens in the valley of Requesens, demonstrate the existence of an ancient settlement in the area, at least about 4/5000 years ago. We have no Iberian village documented, but from 218 BC Requesens Valley was part of the territories under Roman rule. The Romans dominated these territories to the V century AD. However, we don’t know of the existence of any dwelling in the valley at this time, although it is possible that there were, especially when you consider the proximity of important Roman roads, like the Via Domitia (Coll de Banyuls) and Via Augusta (Coll of Panissars), and other secondary roads that crossed the Albera, especially one crossing the valley of Requesens.   The middle Ages Dark Ages (VI-X centuries): It was a dark time, a little known and less documented era, a time of uncertainty and general stagnation. That period was Visigoths (VI-VII centuries) and Arabs (Caliphate of Córdoba, the first part of the eighth century) theoretical domain, but...

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